Basic Biology of Aging at the University of Washington

The Infrastructure for Gerontological Research at the University of Washington

The University of Washington is one of the largest graduate and postdoctoral training centers in the United States. Departmental graduate degree programs offer a variety of in-depth courses fundamental to modern research. The University of Washington is one of the largest recipients of federal research grants; this is reflected in the support of programs at the University of Washington by the National Institute of Aging:


Nathan Shock Center for Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging
Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center
Alzheimer's Disease Research Center 
Pacific Udall Center


Genetic Approaches to Aging Research Training Grant
Summer Training Course in Experimental Aging Research

Program Project:

Mitochondrial Antioxidants, Aging and Healthspan


Canine Longevity Consortium

Individual Investigator Grants:

Approximately 65 individual grants studying aspects of gerontological sciences.

This concentration of research in aging has attracted excellent candidates for our training program. Ours is the only training grant for basic research in gerontology in the Northwestern portion of the USA.

Recently, there have been major increases in space and faculty at the University of Washington. Within the last two years, the University has added more than 300,000 square feet of research space, most of which has been designated for disciplines that utilize molecular biology. This expansion represents the largest increment of new research space at the UW in the last 25 years.