OrganismCaenorhabditis elegans
Aging PhenotypeNo effect on life-span
Allele TypeRecessive
StrainBristol N2
Descriptionfog-2(q71) has no effect on life span (Gems and Riddle, 2000).
Gene FunctionInvolved in determining germ cell sex. Required for hermaphrodite spermatogenesis (Schedl and Kimble, 1988).
Other PhenotypesMutants display hermaphrodite specific germ line feminization (Clifford et al., 2000).
HomologsC.e. ftr-1, Y113G7B.7, Y1133G7B.3, Y11367B.6, Y113G7B.1, Y102A5C.14 ...
Primary ReferenceGems, D., and Riddle, D. L. (2000). Genetic, behavioral and environmental determinants of male longevity in Caenorhabditis elegans. Genetics 154, 1597-610. [Abstract]
Other ReferencesClifford, R., Lee, M. H., Nayak, S., Ohmachi, M., Giorgini, F., and Schedl, T. (2000). FOG-2, a novel F-box containing protein, associates with the GLD-1 RNA binding protein and directs male sex determination in the C. elegans hermaphrodite germline. Deve [Abstract]
Schedl, T., and Kimble, J. (1988). fog-2, a germ-line-specific sex determination gene required for hermaphrodite spermatogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans. Genetics 119, 43-61. [Abstract]
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KeywordsCaenorhabditis, elegans, worm