OrganismSaccharomyces cerevisiae (replicative)
Aging PhenotypeShortened life-span
Allele TypeDeletion
DescriptionDeletion of either SOD2 or SOD1 shortens replicative life-span (Wawryn et al., 1999).
Gene FunctionMitochondrial superoxide dismutase.
Other PhenotypesDeletion of SOD2 also shortens and overexpression of SOD2 (in combination with overexpression of SOD1) increases chronological life span (Fabrizio et al., 2003).
HomologsS.p. Spac1486.01, Spbc3h7.
C.e. sod-2, sod-3
D.m. sod2
R.n. Sod2
M.m. Sod2
H.s. SOD2
Primary ReferenceWawryn, J., Krzepilko, A., Myszka, A., and Bilinski, T. (1999). Deficiency in superoxide dismutases shortens life span of yeast cells. Acta Biochim Pol 46, 249-253. [Abstract]
Other ReferencesFabrizio, P., Liou, L. L., Moy, V. N., Diaspro, A., SelverstoneValentine, J., Gralla, E. B., and Longo, V. D. (2003). SOD2 Functions Downstream of Sch9 to Extend Longevity in Yeast. Genetics 163, 35-46. [Abstract]
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Keywordsyeast, replicative aging, stationary phase survival, Saccharomyces, cerevisiae, oxidative stress, mitochondria, respiraction, electron transport, reactive oxygen species, ROS