OrganismMus musculus
Aging PhenotypeShortened life-span
Allele TypeDeletion
DescriptionMedian life-span was 6 months in hypomorphic Bub1b H/H mice compared to 15 months in wild-type animals (Baker et al., 2004). Bub1b H/H mice develop many phenotypes suggesive of accelerated aging, including: progressive bilateral cataracts, substantial loss of sub dermal adipose tissue, spinal kyphosis, muscle atrophy, and decreased wound healing. In addition, there is a pronounced increase in senescent associated β-gal expression in late generation Bub1b H/H mice, indicative of increased rate of cellular senescence.
Gene FunctionSpindle assembly checkpoint protein.
Other PhenotypesHomozygous knock-out of Bub1b results in lethality (Baker et al., 2004). Heterozygous animals show no accelerated aging phenotypes.
HomologsS.c. Mad3, Bub1
S.p. Mad3
C.e. Bub-1
D.m. BUB1
R.n. BUB1B
M.m. BUB1
H.s. BUB1B, BUB1
Primary ReferenceBaker, D. J., Jeganathan, K. B., Cameron, J. D., Thompson, M., Juneja, S., Kopecka, A., Kumar, R., Jenkins, R. B., de Groen, P. C., Roche, P., and van Deursen, J. M. (2004). BubR1 insufficiency causes early onset of aging-associated phenotypes and inferti [Abstract]
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Keywordsspindle assembly defect, cellular senescence, aneuploidy, infertility, mouse, premature aging, progeria