OrganismCaenorhabditis elegans
Aging PhenotypeLife-span extension
Allele TypeRNAi
DescriptionRNAi or mutation of let-363 results in a doubling of life-span (Vellai et al., 2003). RNAi of let-363 begun at hatching extends life-span to the same extent as RNAi begun at the first day of adulthood.
Life-span extension by let-363 RNAi does not require daf-16. RNAi of let-363 fails to further extend the life-span of daf-2 mutant animals.
Gene FunctionTOR kinase
Other PhenotypesRNAi of let-363 causes many phenotypes similar to daf-2 mutation: lipid accumulation in intestinal cells, reduced fertility, and reduced viability due to embryonic/larval arrest (Vellai et al., 2003).
Primary ReferenceVellai, T., K. Takacs-Vellai, Y. Zhang, A. L. Kovacs, L. Orosz et al., 2003 Influence of TOR kinase on lifespan in C. elegans. Nature 426: 620.
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Keywordsnutrient, signalling, dauer, starvation, rapamycin, calorie restriction, caloric, insulin, worm, metabolism,