NamePLD alpha
OrganismArabidopsis thaliana
Aging PhenotypeN/A
Allele TypeAntisense
DescriptionAntisense suppression of PLD alpha retards abscisic acid- and ethylene-induced senescence (Fan et al., 1997). When incubated with abscisic acid and ethylene, leaves detached from the PLD alpha-deficient transgenic plants showed a slower rate of senescence than did those from wild-type and transgenic control plants. The retardation of senescence was demonstrated by delayed leaf yellowing, lower ion leakage, greater photosynthetic activity, and higher content of chlorophyll and phospholipids in the PLD alpha antisense leaves than in those of the wild type.
Gene FunctionPhospholipase D. Catalyzes the hydrolysis of glycerophospholipids to produce phosphatidic acid (Exton, 1997).
Other PhenotypesAntisense suppression of PLD alpha did not alter natural plant growth and development (Fan et al., 1997).
There is growing evidence that PLD alpha is involved in proliferation, vesicle trafficking, membrane remodeling, nutrient starvation, and plant-pathogen interactions (Fan et al., 1999)
HomologsR.n. PLD1
Primary ReferenceFan, L., S. Zheng and X. Wang, 1997 Antisense suppression of phospholipase D alpha retards abscisic acid- and ethylene-promoted senescence of postharvest Arabidopsis leaves. Plant Cell 9: 2183-2196. [Abstract]
Other ReferencesFan, L., S. Zheng, D. Cui and X. Wang, 1999 Subcellular distribution and tissue expression of phospholipase Dalpha, Dbeta, and Dgamma in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol 119: 1371-1378. [Abstract]
Exton, J. H., 1997 New developments in phospholipase D. J Biol Chem 272: 15579-15582. [Abstract]
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Keywordssenescence, plant