InterventionCopper gluconate
Alternate Name
OrganismMus musculus
Aging PhenotypeShortened life-span
Allele TypeN/A
DescriptionFeeding copper gluconate in the drinking water to C57BL/6J male for a lifetime decreased the mean survival times by 14.4% when given at a concentration of 5 mM (317 ppm copper). The maximum life span was reduced by 12.8% (from 986 to 874 days) (Massie and Aiello, 1984).
Gene Function
Other PhenotypesSerum, brain, heart and kidney copper concentrations were unaltered by feeding 5 mM copper gluconate. Only liver concentrations increased. Cadmium concentrations in liver and kidney of 168-, 406- and 644-day-old mice were essentially unchanged after feeding copper gluconate for 104 days (Massie and Aiello, 1984).
Primary ReferenceMassie, H. R., and Aiello, V. R. (1984). Excessive intake of copper: influence on longevity and cadmium accumulation in mice. Mech Ageing Dev 26, 195-203. [Abstract]
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Keywordschelation, divalent ions, metals, Cu, Cd