OrganismSaccharomyces cerevisiae (chronological)
Aging PhenotypeShortened life-span
Allele TypeN/A
DescriptionDeletion of ATP2 decreases stationary phase survival (Fabrizio et al., 2003).
Gene FunctionBeta subunit of the mitochondrial F1-F0 ATPase.
Other PhenotypesA temperature sensitive allele of ATP2 causes daughter cells derived from mother cells aged at 36C to have a replicative life-span equal to that of the mother cells (Lai et al., 2002).
HomologsS.p. ATP2
C.e. C34E10.6
D.m. ATPSYN-beta
R.n. ATP5B
M.m. ATP5B
H.s. ATP5B
Primary ReferenceFabrizio, P., Liou, L. L., Moy, V. N., Diaspro, A., SelverstoneValentine, J., Gralla, E. B., and Longo, V. D. (2003). SOD2 Functions Downstream of Sch9 to Extend Longevity in Yeast. Genetics 163, 35-46 [Abstract]
Other ReferencesLai, C. Y., Jaruga, E., Borghouts, C., and Jazwinski, S. M. (2002). A Mutation in the ATP2 Gene Abrogates the Age Asymmetry Between Mother and Daughter Cells of the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genetics 162, 73-87. [Abstract]
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Keywordsrespiration, metabolism, Saccharomyces, cerevisiae, yeast, stationary phase, oxidative stress, mitochondria, uncouple