OrganismDrosophila melanogaster
Aging PhenotypeLife-span extension
Allele TypeOverexpression
DescriptionOverexpression of DPOSH in post-mitotic neurons results in a 14% increase in mean life-span at 25C (Aigaki et al., 2002).
Gene FunctionMurine POSH interacts with Rac1 and activates JNK signaling in cultured mammalian cells.
Other PhenotypesEctopic expression of DPOSH during development results in morphological abnormalities (Aigaki et al., 2002).
HomologsM.m. POSH
Primary ReferenceSeong, K. H., Matsuo, T., Fuyama, Y., and Aigaki, T. (2001). Neural-specific overexpression of drosophila plenty of SH3s (DPOSH) extends the longevity of adult flies. Biogerontology 2, 271-81. [Abstract]
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