Alternate Name
OrganismDrosophila melanogaster
Aging PhenotypeLife-span extension
Allele TypeN/A
StrainHEM (high embryonic mortality)
DescriptionEpithalamin added to the diet at a concentration of 100 ug/mL resulted in an approximately 20% increase in mean and maximum life-span of female flies. Life-span of males was not affected by epithalamin (Anisimov et al., 1997).
Gene FunctionEpithalamin is a pineal peptide preparation.
Other PhenotypesExposure to epithalamin was followed by a significant increase in activity of catalse and SOD (Anisimov et al., 1997). Treatment with epithalamin has also been shown to increase longevity in two mouse strains and one rat strain (Anisimov et al., 1998).
Primary ReferenceAnisimov, V. N., Mylnikov, S. V., Oparina, T. I., and Khavinson, V. K. (1997). Effect of melatonin and pineal peptide preparation epithalamin on life span and free radical oxidation in Drosophila melanogaster. Mech Ageing Dev 97, 81-91. [Abstract]
Other ReferencesAnisimov, V. N., Mylnikov, S. V., and Khavinson, V. K. (1998). Pineal peptide preparation epithalamin increases the lifespan of fruit flies, mice and rats. Mech Ageing Dev 103, 123-32. [Abstract]
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Keywordsmelatonin, hormone, oxidative stress, fly, hormonal