Alternate Name
OrganismSaccharomyces cerevisiae (replicative)
Aging PhenotypeLife-span extension
Allele TypeN/A
DescriptionGrowth on media supplemented with 1M glucose results in a 35% increase in mean life-span (Kaeberlein et al., 2002).
Gene FunctionN/A
Other PhenotypesHigh osmolarity is proposed to extend life-span by increasing SIR2 acitivity via cytosolic glycerol biosynthesis (Kaeberlein et al., 2002). Life-span extension by high osmolarity requires NPT1, SIR2, and GPD1and fails to synergize with caloric restriction.
Primary ReferenceKaeberlein, M., Andalis, A. A., Fink, G. R., and Guarente, L. (2002). High Osmolarity Extends Life Span in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by a Mechanism Related to Calorie Restriction. Mol Cell Biol 22, 8056-66. [Abstract]
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Keywordssalt, osmotolerance, replicative senescence, CR, calorie restriction