Alternate NameVoluntary wheel-running
OrganismRattus norvegicus
Aging PhenotypeLife-span extension
Allele TypeN/A
DescriptionVoluntary wheel-running exercise resulted in a slight (~10%) increase in mean life-span ( Holloszy et al., 1985). Exercise apparently has no effect on maximum life-span in rats (Holloszy, 1992).
Gene FunctionN/A
Other PhenotypesLife-span extension due to exercise was significantly less than the life-span extension due to caloric restriction (Holloszy et al., 1985). The combination of exercise with caloric restriction has no additive or synergistic effect on life span (Holloszy, 1997) and increased mortality in one study (Holloszy et al., 1992) compared to sedentary, calorically restricted animals.
Primary ReferenceHolloszy, J. O., Smith, E. K., Vining, M., and Adams, S. (1985). Effect of voluntary exercise on longevity of rats. J Appl Physiol 59, 826-31. [Abstract]
Other ReferencesHolloszy, J. O. (1992). Exercise and food restriction in rats. J Nutr 122, 774-7. [Abstract]
Holloszy, J. O. (1997). Mortality rate and longevity of food-restricted exercising male rats: a reevaluation. J Appl Physiol 82, 399-403. [Abstract]
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Keywordsphysical activity, rats, CR, calorie