OrganismDrosophila melanogaster
Aging PhenotypeLife-span extension
Allele TypeRecessive
DescriptionMutation of chico results in life-span extension of up to 48% in homozygous recessive female animals and 36% in heterozygous females. Male heterozygotes live 13% longer than wild type, but male homozygous recessive animals have a shortened life-span (Clancy et al., 2001)
Gene FunctionInsulin receptor substrate.
Other PhenotypesChico heterozygous females have reduced fecundity and homozygous recessive animals are sterile. Chico heterozygotes are resistant to starvation but not oxidative or temperature stress (Clancy et al., 2001).
Primary ReferenceClancy, D. J., Gems, D., Harshman, L. G., Oldham, S., Stocker, H., Hafen, E., Leevers, S. J., and Partridge, L. (2001). Extension of life-span by loss of CHICO, a Drosophila insulin receptor substrate protein. Science 292, 104-6. [Abstract]
Other ReferencesNone
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KeywordsDrosophila, melanogaster, fly, starvation resistance, insulin, sterility, signaling