OrganismCaenorhabditis elegans
Aging PhenotypeNo effect on life-span
Allele TypeRecessive
StrainBristol N2
DescriptionThe fog-3(q470) allele has no effect on life-span (Arantes-Oliviera et al., 2002).
Gene FunctionRequired for differentiation of germ cells into sperm.
Other PhenotypesIn fog-3 mutant animals cells that would normally become sperm differentiate into oocytes (Ellis and Kimble, 1995)
HomologsD.m. TOB
R.n. BTG1
M.m. TOB1, TOB2, BTG1
H.s. TOB1, BTG1`
Primary ReferenceArantes-Oliviera, N., Apfeld, J., Dillin, A., and Kenyon, C. (2002). Regulation of life-span by germ line stem cells in Caenorhabditis elegans. Science 295. [Abstract]
Other ReferencesEllis, R. E., and Kimble, J. (1995). The fog-3 gene and regulation of cell fate in the germ line of Caenorhabditis elegans. Genetics 139, 561-77. [Abstract]
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KeywordsCaenorhabditis, elegans, worm, sterility