OrganismDrosophila melanogaster
Aging PhenotypeLife-span extension
Allele TypeOverexpression
DescriptionOverexpression of PCMT extends life-span by approximately 35% at 29C but has no effect on life-span at 25C (Chavous et al., 2001).
Gene FunctionProtein carboxyl methyltransferase important for repair of abnormal protein aspartyl residues.
Other PhenotypesN/A
HomologsC.e. C10F3.5
M.m. Pcmt1
Primary ReferenceChavous, D. A., Jackson, F. R., and O'Connor, C. M. (2001). Extension of the Drosophila lifespan by overexpression of a protein repair methyltransferase. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 98, 14814-8. [Abstract]
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KeywordsDrosophila melanogaster, fly, damage, stress, protein repair