OrganismSaccharomyces cerevisiae (replicative)
Aging PhenotypeNo effect on life-span
Allele TypeDeletion
DescriptionYgl014p is required for the life span extension by the sir4-42 allele (Kennedy et al., 1997). It should be noted that sir4-42 only extends life span in the BKy1-14c strain which carries a C-terminal truncated allele of UTH4/MPT5 (Kennedy et al., 1997).
Gene FunctionUnknown.
Other PhenotypesA ygl014 mpt5 double deletion strain has increased telomere silencing relative to a mpt5 single mutant (Cockell et al., 1998).
HomologsS.c. MPT5, YLL013, PUF2, JSN1
S.p. Spac6g9.14,Spac222.02c, Spac4g8.03c, Spcc1682.08c, Spbp35g2.14, Spac4g9.05, Spbc56f2.08c
C.e. W06B11.2, puf-8, Y45F10A.2, fbf-1, fbf-2, F54C9.9, puf-7, Y48G1BL.E, puf-6, M4.2
D.m. pum
H.s. KIAA0235, KIAA0099
Primary ReferenceKennedy, B. K., Gotta, M., Sinclair, D. A., Mills, K., McNabb, D. S., Murthy, M., Pak, S. M., Laroche, T., Gasser, S. M., and Guarente, L. (1997). Redistribution of silencing proteins from telomeres to the nucleolus is associated with extension of life sp [Abstract]
Other ReferencesCockell, M., Renauld, H., Watt, P., and Gasser, S. M. (1998). Sif2p interacts with Sir4p amino-terminal domain and antagonizes telomeric silencing in yeast. Curr Biol 8, 787-90. [Abstract]
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Keywordstelomeres, rDNA, silencing, yeast, replicative senescence, Saccharomyces, cerevisiae, nucleolus