OrganismDrosophila melanogaster
Aging PhenotypeLife-span extension
Allele TypeOverexpression
DescriptionOverexpression causes 30% lifespan extension if SOD1 (superoxide dismutase) is simultaneously overexpressed, but neither has any effect on lifespan alone (Orr and Sohal, 1994). In contrast, Sun and Tower (1999) found that overexpression of SOD1 alone was sufficient to extend lifespan.
Gene FunctionCatalase, converts hydrogen peroxide to water.
Other PhenotypesNone.
HomologsH.s. CAT
M.m. CAT
R.n. CAT
D.m. CG9314
C.e. Y54G11A.6, CTL-2, CTL-1
S.p. cta1
S.c. CTA1, CTT1
Primary ReferenceOrr, W. C., and Sohal, R. S. (1994). Extension of life-span by overexpression of superoxide dismutase and catalase in Drosophila melanogaster. Science 263, 1128-30. [Abstract]
Other ReferencesSun, J., and Tower, J. (1999). FLP recombinase-mediated induction of Cu/Zn-superoxide dismutase transgene expression can extend the life span of adult Drosophila melanogaster flies. Mol Cell Biol 19, 216-28. [Abstract]
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Keywordsoxidative stress, fly, Drosophila, melanogaster, mitochondria