OrganismSaccharomyces cerevisiae (replicative)
Aging PhenotypeLife-span extension
Allele TypeDeletion
StrainYSK661, W303R
DescriptionDeletion extends life-span by approximately 40% in the short-lived strain YSK661 (Kim et al., 1999).
Gene FunctionHistone Deacetylase B.
Other PhenotypesMutation increases rDNA silencing in a partially SIR2-dependent manner (Smith et al., 1999). It is likely that the increased longevity of the RPD3 mutant is due to activation of SIR2, as overexpression of SIR2 extends life-span (Kaeberlein et al., 1999).
Overexpression of Drosophila RPD3 extends life-span in flies (Rogina et al., 2002).
HomologsS.c. HOS2, HOS1, HDA1
S.p. clr6, hda1, clr3
C.e. hda-1, RO6C1.1, hda-2, C10E2.3, F41H10.6, Y51H1A.5, F43G6.4, C35A5.9
D.m. Rpd3, CG2128, HDAC3, HDAC2, CG1770, CG10899
M.m. Hdac2, Hdac3, Mm.29854, HDAC7, Hdac5, Mm.22665
H.s. HDAC2, HDAC1, HDAC3, HSA277724, DKFZP586J0917, HDAC7, NY-CO-9
Primary ReferenceKim, S., Benguria, A., Lai, C. Y., and Jazwinski, S. M. (1999). Modulation of life-span by histone deacetylase genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mol Biol Cell 10, 3125-36. [Abstract]
Other ReferencesSmith, J. S., Caputo, E., and Boeke, J. D. (1999). A genetic screen for ribosomal DNA silencing defects identifies multiple DNA replication and chromatin-modulating factors. Mol Cell Biol 19, 3184-97. [Abstract]
Kaeberlein, M., McVey, M., and Guarente, L. (1999). The SIR2/3/4 complex and SIR2 alone promote longevity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by two different mechanisms. Genes Dev 13, 2570-80. [Abstract]
Rogina, B., Helfand, S. L., and Frankel, S. (2002). Longevity regulation by Drosophila Rpd3 deacetylase and caloric restriction. Science 298, 1745 [Abstract]
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Keywordsyeast, replicative senescence, Saccharomyces, cerevisiae, rDNA, silencing, chromatin