OrganismMus musculus
Aging PhenotypeLife-span extension
Allele TypeRecessive
Straindescendants of Goodale mouse stock
Descriptiondf/df male and female mice have 49% and 68% increases, respectively, in mean life span over wild-type mice (Brown-Borg, 1996).
Gene FunctionPositional cloning led to the identification of Prophet of Pit1(Prop1) which is a paired-like homeodomain transcription factor important for anterior pituitary development (Somson et al, 1996). The Ames dwarf mice (prop1df/prop1df) have a point mutation (Ser83Pro) in the first alpha helix of the homeodomain that severely impairs DNA binding activity (Sornson et al., 1996).
Other PhenotypesA df/df mouse undergoes postnatal growth retardation, and its body size is one-third of normal upon maturation into adulthood (Bartke, 2000). The Ames dwarf mice maintain lower body temperature at rest and during stress. For example, the body core temperature of the dwarf mice is on average 1.6 ÝC lower than wild-type mice (Hunter et al., 1999). The Ames dwarf mice have extremely low number of somatotrophs, lactotrophs, and thyrotrophs in the anterior pituitary gland, resulting in the deficiencies in production of growth hormone, prolactin, and thyroid-stimulating hormone, respectively (Gage et al., 1996). The Ames dwarf mice tend to be sterile (Bartke, 1964).
HomologsH. s. Prop1 (Genbank NP_006252)
Canis familiaris (dog): homeodomain protein (Genbank AAF23266)
D.m. aristaless (Genbank Q06453)
Primary ReferenceBrown-Borg, H. M., Borg, K. E., Meliska, C. J., and Bartke, A. (1996). Dwarf mice and the ageing process, Nature 384, 33. [Abstract]
Other ReferencesBartke, A. (1964). Histology of the anterior hypophysis, thyroid and gonads of two types of dwarf mice. Anat Rec 149, 225-235.
Bartke, A. (2000). Delayed aging in Ames dwarf mice. Relationships to endocrine function and body size, Results Probl Cell Differ 29, 181-202. [Abstract]
Gage, P. J., Roller, M. L., Saunders, T. L., Scarlett, L. M., and Camper, S. A. (1996). Anterior pituitary cells defective in the cell-autonomous factor, df, undergo cell lineage specification but not expansion, Development 122, 151-60. [Abstract]
Hunter, W. S., Croson, W. B., Bartke, A., Gentry, M. V., and Meliska, C. J. (1999). Low body temperature in long-lived Ames dwarf mice at rest and during stress, Physiol Behav 67, 433-7. [Abstract]
Sornson, M. W., Wu, W., Dasen, J. S., Flynn, S. E., Norman, D. J., O'Connell, S. M., Gukovsky, I., Carriere, C., Ryan, A. K., Miller, A. P., et al. (1996). Pituitary lineage determination by the Prophet of Pit-1 homeodomain factor defective in Ames dwarf [Abstract]
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KeywordsM. musculus, mouse, metabolism, transcription factor