Basic Biology of Aging at the University of Washington

Proteomics and Aging Workshop

This workshop will feature methods and applications of proteomic technologies that are especially targeted to studies of the biology of aging in vertebrate and invertebrate models. This will include:

  • Detection of oxidative modifications of proteins in aging
  • Proteome half-life and turnover estimates
  • Mitochondrial protein expression in aging
  • Differences in proteomes of  long vs. short lived strains

Organized By:

Peter Rabinovitch
University of Washington
Michael MacCoss
University of Washington

List of Speakers:

Bryan Fonslow
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
"Proteomic analysis of aging mechanisms in C. elegans"
Ursula Jakob
University of Michigan
"OxICAT - A Quantitative Redox Proteomic Approach for Tracking in Vivo Oxidants"
Brad Gibson
Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Irwin Kurland
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
“The acetylome, aging and the metabolic network”
Timothy J Griffin
University of Minnesota
"Mass spectrometry-based proteomic approaches to characterizing aging-related protein carbonylation"
Renã A. S. Robinson, Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh
“Proteomics Approaches to Study Age-related Oxidative Modifications” as a tentative talk title.
Arlan Richardson
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
"A Proteomic Approach to Screen for Conformational Changes in Specific Proteins"
Michael MacCoss
University of Washington
“Proteome half-life and turnover estimates using deuterated amino acid labeling”

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Registration Information:

Registration is open to all students, post-docs and faculty of academic and research institutions. There is no registration fee, however we request that you send notice of your intent to attend, your name and contact information to both Kathy Fawthrop ( and to Dr. Peter Rabinovitch ( Posters are very much welcome; please send a poster title and abstract as early as possible.

The Workshop is funded through a NIH/NIA P30 grant to the University of Washington Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging


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